SUH SOO MI was first imagined in 1993 as an idea for a new and honest form of tie manufacturing that endeavoured to bring back ties with their original essence for men and women from better fashioned periods, mixed with current day trends.

SUH SOO MI has a familial link to the extremely exclusive tailor to the wealthy, Haigh Brothers and Henry Bucks in Collins Street, Melbourne. 50 years of tailoring and dress making from a prominent Melbourne family has created a new label in SUH SOO MI to continue its dedicated service to the fashion industry.  


SUH SOO MI is re birthing the tie for men and women with exceptional workmanship. With SUH SOO Mi you can expect a tie as it should be; deep stitching, artistic tipping and unconventional placing of key designs. This is a tie born out of the most fashionable influences and incorporated into the 21st century.


SUH SOO MI was created in Seoul, South Korea as a hybrid of classical English tailoring and depth of Seoul salary man culture. There was a direct relationship between the amazing kaleidoscope of extreme business situations in South Korea and the bright colours of Australia’s landscape, that formed our boutique's range into SUH SOO MI Melbourne – Seoul in 2015. SUH SOO MI is the fast paced, dynamic and exciting Asian crowded metropolis, mixed with the images of laid-back, light-coloured hues i.e., Australia.


SUH SOO MI believe that the modern tie had become standard, bland and lacking any detail that this vital piece of fashion requires. In essence, we were all wearing copies of a tie that once existed. The detail had been watered down and the quality rationalised. SUH SOO MI has been able to bring back quality, real quality in ties and that are accessible to all via our online retail store. For example look at the back of any of your ties and they will almost certainly be black or grey. Now look at the back of one of SUH SOO MI’s and you will see a piece of handmade tipping awash with colour profiles. There is really no comparison. Silk road origins mixed with hi tech design...